SIR - Alan Bates seems to think it is ok for MPs to lie to us.

The problem is that deception always has later consequences and when this deception is carried out by people in high government, the consequences are usually felt by innocent people.

His letter mocks "lefties" but almost 20 years ago, Corbyn would not accept the lies of Blair and Bush whereas Johnson did.

Can Mr Bates not see how the consequences of those lies have been seriously bad for millions?

If he can't, there are certainly families nearby who can talk to him about their sons lost in service.

"Lefties" and the rest of us(us and them), my goodness!

Lying on a regular basis is deceptive, irresponsible and reckless. Anyone accepting those qualities from our rulers, deserves the consequences that will inevitably follow.

Lawrence Brigg, Baildon Road, Baildon