SIR - Like your correspondent Bob Watson I was sorry to hear of the death of former T&A columnist Chris Moncrieff whose excellent articles I always enjoyed. However, I do wish that Mr Watson and other previous letter writers would refrain from their criticism, to the point in some cases of asking the editor to sack him, of current columnist Tim Murgatroyd.

I read his offerings each week and although not always agreeing with him I do find his articles well written and thought provoking. Surely it's essential to a healthy democracy that we should not be provided with a constant stream of articles that we agree with. That would be a barrier to free thinking!

May I suggest to Tim's detractors two easy remedies?

1) Don't read his column(there's lots of other interesting stuff in the T&A)

2) If they feel in need of a complete antidote toMr M's left wing views they can always find plenty of sycophantic Tory drivel in The Daily Mail!

Russ Wilkinson, East View, Thornton