SIR - As someone who, like many, has sampled the banality of cosy sofa-based breakfast television and prefers not to watch, why is anyone surprised that one of the BBC Breakfast presenters, Naga Munchetty, made a comment about Donald Trump’s blatant and continuing racism, both verbally and on social media?

The presenters on these programmes are encouraged and encourage others to express opinions about the subject matters at hand, which are usually dull, dreary, tittle-tattle, full of gossip and of little consequence. It is the nature of the programme for heaven’s sake! Why the surprise, then, when she puts into words that which most viewers are probably thinking?

Donald Trump has spent his life and his Presidency looking after Donald Trump, benefitting from and sucking up to bigots, racists, climate change deniers and the ostentatious wealth holding classes on the way and continues to do so.

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