SIR - As an 87-year-old, I share Nick Hodgkinson's interest in causes which will not take effect until after our deaths.

But he put himself at risk by deliberately inconveniencing others (T&A letters, October 12).

Whilst visiting friends in Westminster last week, four of my short journeys were severely disrupted by road closures against 'Climate Rebellion' protestors. They are led by serial agitators who protest about everything, but most are young people who are being misled. They do nothing practical to save the planet, yet local organisations like Heaton Woods Trust (who have been planting trees for many years) would welcome young volunteers to help.

The original members are getting fewer, and growing older, but still have to do all the work.

A day of practical work is worth a year of protesting!

Wilfred Shaw, St Nicholas Road, Ilkley