SIR - I am typing, word for word, a daily tabloid's cartoon (in capital letters as read today): COULD YOU GIVE MY CARPET A THOROUGH VACUM? I HAVEN'T SUNK ONE PUTT TODAY. The paper - the Daily Mirror.

This, from a daily tabloid? If the general public see this as OK (or OKAY), what chance do we have of retaining our known language and correct spelling? The Americans have altered our language to suit what they mean but have created words not known to us (ours: envisage, theirs: envision or however they spell it). Look it up folks, it's now a 'known' word. I'm fine with that because it's sort of is similar, even though the Americans have altered it!

I know thee and thou are, in everyday language not used (thus was still used by one of my off-site engineers at my last firm and I changed it to therefore - same meaning but not as poetic). I'd like to come back in 70 years' time and see how language and spelling have 'evolved' - OR NOT?

In years to come, maybe the spoken word will mean we cannot write 'owt down?

Rita Robertshaw, Dalecroft Rise, Bradford