SIR - I could not name a single track by Morrissey but was interested to read his autobiography which was published as a Penguin Classic which the literati in London had something to say about.

In it he mentions the boys at Stretford Grammary School being alright, where I did my first teaching practice when at the Post Graduate School of Education at Manchester Polytechnic. The headteacher there could not understand why I wanted to be an art teacher with the Diploma in Art and Design from Kingston-upon-Hull Regional College of Art. Such was the difficulty that Mr Bunch faced, the art teacher and talented painter of the Peak District, with a complete philistine, he once said to me: "I have only another seven years to bat it out".

So I could have a good talk to Morrissey about that.

He also mentions Paul and Barry Ryan in his book, who I went to Fulneck School in Pudsey with, so I could talk to him about that as well.

Iain Morris, Caroline Street, Saltaire