SIR - Further to Emma Clayton's article about holidays, (T&A September 18) there is an old saying that travel broadens the mind. However I would like to claim that too much of it can do the opposite.

In the Summer of 1978, aged 13-and-a-half, I told my school class mates I was going to France for my holiday and it was met with gasps. Nowadays, people say they were in Vegas as though they've just been to Walmart!

With the ease of visiting far places in more recent times, there appears to be a lack of appreciation and knowledge of world geography, not just on Love island. And many no longer see world travel as a privilege but a right.

And nearly all my nephews and nieces have been on gap years to places like Thailand while it takes me years to move 100 yards away!

Alan Bates, Bowland Avenue, Baildon