SIR - No interest in Odsal Stadium, it said in the T&A on August 21. The people of Bradford have every interest in Odsal Stadium, especially rugby league fans.

Why suddenly have certain areas become unsafe? The council could soon be closing certain areas down. Too expensive to maintain for the Bulls. If we can't afford to maintain Odsal how can we possibly afford to build a new stadium?

If there was any commercial interest in the stadium, it could only be as a tip, which would bring multi-millions of pounds to the council and the RFL.

As I and thousands of other Bradford folk have said over many years, develop it as one of the best sporting arenas in the country.

The money Bradford Council will make from the sale of the Richard Dunn centre would be a good start to help bring this to fruition, but I am afraid this could be wasted, or part of it, on the bid for Bradford to try once again to be the country's City of Culture.


L Holdsworth, Ivy Lane, Allerton