SIR - Rather than 'city of culture' it should be more like 'Bradford - city of failure'.

The news that Bradford Bulls are leaving Odsal stadium is the icing on the cake.

Odsal could, and should have been, developed as one of the top stadiums of the north and also as a major concert venue.

The M606 could have been brought closer into Bradford city centre, instead of traffic being gridlocked on our excuse of a ring-road. It failed.

What happened to the proposed regeneration of the canal link to the centre of Bradford? It failed.

As for the linking of our two 'terminal' railway stations. When the trans-Pennine high speed train route might happen, then as far as Bradford is concerned, I can almost guarantee it will be terminal.

I won't go on, but I have severe reservations about the Odeon redevelopment. Again, due to the logistics of large numbers of people getting into and out of Bradford centre and due to the lack of parking. Also, I believe that the proposals for the new market on Darley Street are unrealistic.

Let's face it, the Broadway development took 12 years.

B Hallam, Bolton, Bradford