SIR - Could anything be more boring and historically inept than Poldark on BBC TV?

As usual, for a modern production, a series of unconnected scenes jumping from one disjointed situation to another, all in semi-darkness.

But the most bizarre thing must be numerous people of 'colour' wandering about. Not common in England, especially Cornwall, around 1803, the alleged time period. PC gone mad?

Not would people then be holding 'debates' in a pub with printed 'flyers' on the table, with a lady of 'colour' making an impassioned, very articulate speech on the evils and inhumanity of slavery - then still legal and widely practised in the British Empire!

Yes, although slavery was then under discussion in Parliament, its chief opposition exponent, William Wilberforce, was not banned in the Colonies until 1807.

But when did the BBC ever concern itself over accuracy of any kind, with unfair bias on everything, from politics to the news or drama being its stock in trade.

DS Boyes, Upper Rodley Lane, Leeds