SIR - One of the main stories in the newspapers of late was about the withdrawal of the free TV licence for over-75s and the possibility of jail if we don't purchase one when the concession ends

But it was a report in the T&A that concerned me: 'Couple stole from Alzheimer's Sufferer. (T&A, June 11). A married couple who worked at the care home where the elderly lady resided had, over a period of four years, robbed her of more than £32,000.

I was amazed to read that the husband was able to masquerade as the manager of the home, and indeed was able to remove £3,000 from the safe to try to bribe the lady's family when all he was was a cook.

The report said that the owner of the care home suffered stress and sleepless nights because of the affair.

Judge Colin Burn ordered the couple to take rehabilitation activities. (" No. Me neither"), saying: "Nothing would be gained by sending them to jail."

I certainly will keep his words in mind when pressed to purchaser a TV licence next year! Watch this space!

David Oyston, Rylands Avenue, Gilstead