SIR - I am alarmed how some Bradford secondary school maths departments feel it appropriate to expose their Key Stage 3 pupils to sometimes very difficult maths questions via online resources while at home, questions which haven’t been fully taught. Teachers should teach the content first then set appropriate homework. It shows seriously poor judgement.

Several parents, whose children I tutor privately, are besides themselves and have even taken complaints to their schools. Astonishingly, at one school, two of my students were given detention for failing to score 80per cent on a ‘Hegarty Maths’ Algebra quiz. I quickly discovered that my students couldn't ever hope to solve ‘2-Step Equations’ in a particular quiz if the schoolteachers had not properly taught them even to solve ‘1-Step Equations’!

Parents are losing faith. It begs the questions: Are teachers actually checking the levels of all of the maths questions before springing them via online quizzes to the students? Why on earth are some young children in one school being detained over maths knowledge they have not been yet taught properly?

Sacha Cohen-Chowdhury, Cunliffe Road, Manningham