SIR - The whole Brexit debate has now been hijacked by the right wing factions in the Tory party and we are all now being dragged mercilessly towards the most disastrous event in our recent history.

The same people who have used ''democracy'' or their perception that there is a lack of it, in any discussion about the EU are now about to ''elect'' our new Prime Minister. The word, elect, in this case means chosen by a very small number of party activists regardless of the view of the rest of us.

The same people who rage about the lack of democracy in a second referendum are about to indulge in their second change of leader in three years, following on from their having three votes on their disastrous ''deal''

The new leader will be their second, unelected by the people, showing their absolute dislike of democracy.

We are now currently ruled by the most undemocratic government in our recent history and a general election is need as soon as possible to put an end to it!

Colin Durkin, Moffat Close, Bradford