SIR - The occasional articles by Chris Moncrieff were always topical and interesting, and he was always willing to have a dig at all colours of political opinion.

Sadly, if the substantial piece by Tim Murgatroyd (T&A, June 19) is anything to go by, then we are simply to be inundated with biased left-wing diatribe.

He writes as fact about "the Government's slow-cook privatisation of the NHS."

He asks who would trust the Tory leadership contenders with the NHS.

He tells us that one in four (yes - 20per cent!) of the UK population are struggling with poverty - just because the left-leaning Joseph Rowntree Foundation says so.

His left-wing slanted list goes on and on.

If this is the best that he can do then one has to hope that the T&A, in the interest of fair balance, will allow similar space to another writer with an alternative viewpoint.

Bob Watson, Springfield Road, Baildon