SIR - This weekend saw yet another highly successful Dragon Boat Festival held on the River Aire at Roberts Park, Baildon. The organisers are to be congratulated.

The chair of the Festival Committee is Cllr. Dale Smith, long-serving Conservative Councillor on Bradford Council and sometime Lord Mayor of the City.

At various points over the week-end Dale was to be observed wandering the site, bag in hand, picking litter. He clearly does not see it as beneath his dignity to engage in such a mundane task and his humble approach to public service is to be applauded.

The sight of this ex-Lord Mayor with his picking stick caused me to reflect on the sharp contrast between Dale on the one hand and Boris Johnson on the other.

I have admired Dale for years - he has always badged himself as “a One Nation Tory”. I have also known him to be a man of truth and of his word. . Boris by contrast is a self-serving egoist.

A recent survey found that 40per cent of Conservative Party members do not believe that Boris tells the truth. I can only assume that the other 60per cent have been living on another planet.

John Cole, Oakroyd Terrace, Shipley