SIR - Why, if a picture is worth a thousand words, did Imran Hussain MP (T&A, June 8) choose to have his picture taken down a typical fly-tipped back alley in Bradford to underline the poverty that is prevalent in the city and, moreover, to emphasise that the UN Rapporteur Philip Alston’s report into poverty in Britain has been disgracefully dismissed by Chancellor Philip Hammond and other Tories? Their “working class totem”, Esther McVey MP recently slunk into Bradford on her “Back Me For PM” charm offensive tour.

Poverty is one thing, but it doesn’t go hand in hand with fly-tipping. Fly-tipping is endemic in Bradford too, due to people’s inconsideration for their neighbours and the rest of society and because of the council’s pussyfooting policies to fine offenders and deter others when caught, not because they are poor.

Indeed, the owner of the fly-tipped mattress shown in the picture would probably be in the front of the queue in his BMW in which to take it home were a sign to appear saying “Free Mattresses. Come and collect!”

There is no excuse for poverty in Britain in the 21st century, neither for fly-tipping.

A Waterhouse, Barmby Road, Bradford