SIR - It could reasonably be argued that Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Opposition should have attended the state banquet held in honour of the US President, Donald Trump. Instead he chose to decline his invitation and address a protest rally against Mr Trump's visit. It would seem Mr Corbyn prefers to indulge in student type politics rather than act in a statesman like manner. Furthermore he had in the past consorted with representatives of Sinn Fein, Hamas and other groups and individuals considered inimical to our interests.

Mr Bercow, Speaker of the Commons chose not to invite Mr Trump to address Parliament, when such a decision should not reside in one individual but to have been decided by elected members. Mr Bercow has failed to respect the Office of the President.

Mr Trump may remain a controversial figure but he also enjoys considerable support on both sides of the Atlantic and may be successfully re-elected. Viva Trump!

Alec Suchi, Allerton Road, Bradford