SIR- Having recently watched the excellent British film, I, Daniel Blake, the story of a former Joiner whose GP diagnosed a heart condition and said that he wasn't fit to work.

Due to the black and white DWP rules he battled a system where he couldn't qualify for ESA benefit despite his GP’s diagnosis and couldn't qualify realistically for job seekers allowance. This resulted in him falling through the cracks in the system and the stress eventually killed him.

The scary thought is that many of us could potentially become a Daniel Blake if we fell ill and were no longer fit to work. Given such circumstances, would I prefer to be living in a pro-austerity, neo-liberal, Brexit obsessed, survival of the fittest Britain or a fair, democratic socialist Britain? If I’d have preferred the former option I’d either be brainwashed or concussed.

George Hitchcock, Southlands, Baildon.