SIR- While I give credit to the Liberal Democrats for their clarity and honesty, I also believe they should drop the word democrats from their name after their bare faced attempt to reverse a democratic decision to leave the EU.

It is now clear that the Brexit Party success in the 2019 European Election puts an end to any prospect of revoking Article 50 and even a second vote. Their newly appointed MEPs will make that impossible. And those who say there was an anti-Brexit majority in the result are wrong on several counts.

First of all, since when have remoaners become interested in a majority? That happened with Brexit. And out of the 23% that still voted Conservative and Labour this time, a majority of those would have been leave voters being loyal to their party. Or at the very least, the split is unknown so it's unclear.

Furthermore, many leave voters in 2016 didn't vote this time because they've become disillusioned with democracy. Not that all this should be relevant anyway.

Alan Bates, Bowland Avenue, Baildon