SIR - Not only are we now very possibly trapped in the EU web until Halloween but we face stumping up ten of millions of pounds to take part in the bloc’s elections.

In 2014 it cost this country £109 million to participate and it is bound to cost even more this time round - plus the billions of pounds our EU membership will cost us over that six-month period. We should never have ended up in this situation and the way Brexit has been mis-handled has damaged voter confidence beyond measure.

Establishment parties will hardly relish participating in the EU elections as they will be heavily punished by voters for the self-serving behaviour and deceit of so many of our Westminster politicians.

There is no plan or mechanism to use this six-month extension to achieve a decent, Canada-style free trade deal with the EU. In reality, six months further down the line after yet more recriminations, political resignations and downright anger, we'll be faced with the same three possible outcomes.

Some would cancel Brexit and do irreparable damage to democracy. Then there is May's deal which fails to deliver on the reasons people voted for Brexit, or a No-Deal Brexit in which we trade with the EU on WTO terms.

I always wanted a good deal, but May's mismanagement leaves me having little option but to support a no-deal Brexit.

Jonathan Arnott, Independent MEP