SIR - As we come up to the 40th anniversary of Margaret Thatcher's first UK General Election victory, it is clear that many people still feel strongly opposed to Thatcherism and deeply unhappy about our former PM.

So I suggest we now have a people's 1979 General Election. Although Mrs Thatcher and almost all the other candidates in that election are now dead, it is clear that we didn't know what we were voting for and are much better informed now. No one saw the Falklands War or the New Romantics coming. Surely a second '79 election would put this right.

And unfairly, young people never got a chance to vote in that election. It is a scandal that you have to be at least 58 to have voted in it as it now affects young voters more.

Furthermore, 44 per cent voted Conservative, which works out at 33per cent with the turnout being 76per cent. While James Callaghan's Labour polled 37per cent (28per cent). Under proportional representation, Callaghan, who had just resided over the Winter of Discontent, would have been PM even though he got millions of fewer votes. Surely that's fairer?

Alan Bates, Bowland Avenue, Baildon