SIR - Violent robber Christopher Cunningham punched his 60 year old victim in the head, dragged him to the ground, and stole his computer in Bradford city centre (T&A, April 15).

It transpired that he had "25 pages of previous convictions" involving 75 offences.

Despite all this Judge Colin Burn deemed a sentence of three years to be appropriate, meaning that he will no doubt be released within 18 months at worst.

In the same paper a shoplifter stole from the O2 shop in Bradford Forster Square armed with a pair of pliers. This man, Stephan Prince, had 18 previous convictions for 44 offences including 26 thefts. He was also in breach of a criminal behaviour order.

This time Judge Burn considered a term of 12 months to be adequate, plus four months for dangerous driving. Here again he will no doubt be released in a few months time.

No wonder we have continued problems when judges like Colin Burn allow such people to roam our streets far, far earlier than should be the case.

Bob Watson, Springfield Road, Baildon