SIR - “A busted flush” is a poker term that our dictionary defines as “Anything which ends up worthless despite great potential”.

Brexit was sold to 17.4 million people as a project with great potential. Truth is though, it never had that potential having been mis-sold on the basis of lies and exaggerations.

What is true is that the Brexit project has ended up worthless.

The 17.4 million no longer exist. Polling shows that for various reasons the number is down to around 15.5 million whilst the numbers who support “Remain” are consistently higher.

The government's management of the exit process has been inept to the point of national embarrassment.

The grass-roots response of the people of Yorkshire has been to set up a series of pro-Remain organisations. These have sprung up spontaneously and the county now boasts thirteen.

Our hope is to achieve a second referendum that would be an opportunity to undo the damage caused by the first. The most recent extension of the Article 50 period to the end of October gives us the space to achieve that objective.

“Bradford for Europe” will be working hard to that end.

Brexit is a busted flush.

Simon Blakey, Chair of Bradford for Europe