SIR - You recently published my letter regarding the bus lane fine scam operated by Bradford council.

Recent T&A article "Littering Fine 'Not Fair'" reminded me of what the council tried about six years ago. My son was was in his car with his partner and her friend. They visited McDonalds in Shipley and after consuming their meal inside the building drove home. Some days later he received a demand for money, stating that litter had been thrown from his car as he turned into the main road. I appealed on his behalf and we were sent a document that had to be completed "assuming you are under oath". This demanded to know who the culprit was and where they were siting in the car. I made it clear there had been no offence committed and asked where the accuser was standing. I also requested an appointment to visit the council offices to inspect the litter surely retrieved as evidence. I received no response and repeated this request three times by letter. No reply. I subsequently heard no more about this.

It is only by standing up to these scams that the tax-paying public can fight this injustice.

Philip Hey, Wagon Lane Bingley