SIR - A fundamental basis of civilized society is respect of the environment in which we live. Litter, among other things, is a benchmark of such respect. The carpet of litter strewn across the rows of seats after the wonderful musical Matilda at the Alhambra Theatre on Wednesday March 6 filled me with anger and dismay.

The absence of any attempt by theatre management to encourage the audience to dispose of their cartons and wrappers thoughtfully raises the question of standards and responsibility. There is no mention of litter at all by way of a reminder and it appears as totally acceptable to simply throw litter onto the floor and leave it behind at the end of production.

The theatre was full and half of the audience were children; what message does this send out to them about litter and respect? Bradford Council carries the ultimate responsibility for this appalling lack of respect. It needs to raise the standards to that of a civilized society rather than sweeping the matter under the proverbial carpet!

Jerry Gumeniuk, Rosse Field Park, Bradford