SIR - I wasn't surprised to see that the old bus lane chestnut has raised its head again. It is about time something was done about this exploitation of law abiding drivers. Does the council really think that over 500 drivers everyday deliberately use bus lanes in full knowledge that they will be fined?

Quite a few years ago the council started this scam in the centre of Bradford when there were ongoing roadworks. My wife drove through the centre of the city early one Sunday morning and followed diversion signs. These directed her down a bus lane. When the subsequent fine was appealed (to the same department that issued it!) obviously it was rejected. It was not until six months later, after the T&A exposed this scam, stating that over 40,000 similar fines had been issued, that after a further letter the fine was refunded to my wife without any explanation or apology.

It is about time the council was stopped from ripping off the very tax payers that pay their salaries. I would encourage the T&A to start a new campaign, similar to the bad driving initiative, against this exploitation.

Philip Hey, Wagon Lane, Bingley