SIR - Bradford has a new initiative, to crack down on anti-social drivers. Not before time. Unfortunately, it wont really happen. Especially where it affects pedestrians. I have, for years, been trying to have these drivers penalised for parking their vehicles on the pavement.

I have contacted Mark Burns-Williamson on numerous occasions and had promises made by the police that something will be done. Unfortunately, that something is nothing. When asked why nothing is being done, they trot out the budget cuts. When pressed to explain why officers walk past offending vehicles on the pavement, we get an excuse. The officer will have been going to an incident. All I can say is, I hope it wasn't a serious incident. I would more readily believe they were practising for the remake of the opening title to The Bill.

Something might happen with this crack down but it will be short lived.

Do something about the pavement parkers first because we pedestrians don't want to keep walking into busy roads.

William Oliver, Gerard House, Idle