SIR - Wonderful news that Morrisons are providing paper bags for vegetables/loose produce. That's a step forward. I buy a loaf of bread, take the plastic bag to Morrisons and put the loose produce in.

Today I went to Aldi in Clayton. I needed some jacket potatoes but forgot to take my loaf's empty plastic bag. I put the four potatoes in my trolley, alongside the tins of beans, bottle of bleach, cottage cheese tubs etc. Got home, washed two potatoes, cooked them and I now live to tell the tale – all without using another plastic bag or even a paper bag. I hope the recipients of the Morrisons paper bags don't just throw them into their green bins after one use. Recycle them pretty please, that's after using them time & time again until they are no longer usable.

Rita Robertshaw, Dalecroft Rise, Bradford