Sir - Report in T&A "It cannot continue." I watch traffic cops on TV where some car chases were filmed in and around Bradford.

I've been watching programmes like this for some years now and begin to realise what our police have to put up with.

The amount of people who drive without insurance is incredible. Most of these cars, driver doesn't have a licence either.

My former job was driving, it's not just Bradford that has these problems.

When these programmes end, we hear what sentences were issued. Fined £250, banned from driving for two years (no licence to begin with), maybe a suspended sentence thrown in also.

I say this to our MPs. Get the act changed. If a stolen car is damaged the culprit pays for the repairs. Even if it costs thousands, he/she pays. Those with a licence, crimes such as no seat belt, using phones etc £5,000 fine and lengthy ban.

An old chap I know says there should be a curfew on cars at night. Only taxis allowed after 9pm (including emergency).

As for Bradford police, thanks, you have a very difficult job.

B Barraclough, New Works Road, Low Moor