ONE of the nicest parts of being editor of The Telegraph & Argus is the opportunity to meet the paper’s loyal readers.

We have many readers who have grown up with the newspaper and wouldn’t be without it. They are our staunchest supporters.

But you would have to go a long way to find a more loyal reader than Ivy Pell.

Ivy was one of 55 children born the week of July 16, 1918 who were ‘adopted’ by this newspaper to mark its 50th anniversary. Known as the ‘Jubilee Babies’, they were treated to an annual birthday party until they were 21. You could say they were part of the family.

Ivy, who had three grandchildren and five great grandchildren, was an avid reader of the T&A. Last year, amid celebrations to mark her 100th birthday, she told us: “I have it delivered every day and read it cover to cover. I’ve written letters and entered competitions. I won holidays, a day at the races, even a fridge!”

Sadly, Ivy died on Tuesday at her home in Round Street, West Bowling, where she lived for 85 years.

Her son, Andy, said his mum was very proud of being a T&A baby. She kept her party invitations and never stopped supporting the paper.

In an age of 24-hour news, when the latest headlines are only a tap or a screen swipe away and the internet is filled with bloggers, scribblers and newsfeeds, loyal readers such as Ivy are like precious jewels.

And like anything precious we miss them terribly when they are gone.

RIP Ivy – you will be very much missed by your newspaper ‘family’.