SIR - It is with equal measures of bemusement, annoyance and frustration that I write to you concerning an art exhibition currently at Cartwright Hall. In its infinite wisdom, Bradford Museums and Galleries invited artists of all levels of capability to submit items for an exhibition. As a keen artist myself I complied with all the statutory terms and conditions, including delivery which, as a 69-year-old pensioner with mobility issues, was not accomplished without considerable difficulty.

Sometime later, upon receiving a rejection notice just one day prior to the opening date my acute disappointment was further compounded by the absence of any specific reason.

Such a significant breach of protocol is not only very ill-mannered and unethical, but may also deter talented but naive artists of less mature years from displaying their creative talent in future.

I would further like to add that this sub-standard level of administration falls far short of that which the council taxpayers of Bradford deserve and is in need of addressing asap.

Paul Rowe, St Paul's Road, Manningham