SIR - Regarding David Hornsby's letter (T&A January 25), I am also looking forward to the re-opening of St George's Hall. I agree with David; in the past I have attended many concerts there and some, like the Osmonds in 2012, have been sold out. Boogie Nights sold out. The Bay City Rollers in 2015 sold out. Showaddywaddy sold out. Bay City Rollers are coming to St George's Hall on September 28, I've already got two tickets.

Showaddywaddy are also coming. Why aren't those acts advertised in the theatres? I only found out on the internet. These acts should be advertised more, not just on the internet.

I am a big fan of the Bay City Rollers. With others being on the internet we get first priority. I feel sorry for people who aren't on the internet and miss out on concerts because they are not advertised enough.

Janette Wellens, Bolingbroke Street, Bradford