SIR - The latest scare story organised by the “Fear Campaign” is food shortages, especially perishable soft fruit. Shopping at Sainsbury’s recently I inspected the my purchases with greater care on return home.

This is what I found - blackberries from Mexico, black and white grapes from Namibia, raspberries from Morocco, cherries from South Africa, figs from Israel and Victoria grapes from Brazil.

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All supplied by countries outside the EU presumably bought on WTO terms, then probably price hiked to pay EU import duty?

Thus we can buy these items uninterrupted following the a No Deal Brexit at the same or lower prices.

A song and dance is being performed by the Fear Campaign about lettuce - who wants to eat lettuce in winter, not me, in summer salad season we can grow our own. Get real - get out of the EU via a full divorce that we voted for, not a trial separation living in the same house but sleeping in separate bedrooms.

Alan Chapman, Beck Lane, Bingley