SIR - What is going on at the Arndale centre?

Since the new escalators were put in I have not seen both running at the same time. One works while the other is blocked off. What is the idea behind it?

I asked a member of staff if they knew why but they hadn't been told and thought it was a safety issue. That they can't run both at the same time because shoppers could have an accident. If that is the case, why doesn't Primark have that problem with their escalators? They run both at the same time.

Today, only one escalator was working and the lift was out of order. Seems the problem is escalating.

Come on Arndale - is this how you encourage people to shop having poor facilities for their use? Shopping should be a pleasure.

The shopping centres in Leeds manage to run their escalators for the benefit of their shoppers. Maybe someone from the Arndale should go ask how it's done, before we all do our shopping in Leeds.

William Oliver, Gerard House, Idle