SIR - A Bradford Council meeting discussing library provision in the district made for disturbing reading (T&A, January 24).

However, what was particularly concerning was the apparent complacent response from the Council on various issues.

When commenting on why the Shipley consultation was delayed by an hour, the answer was that officers had to attend a consultation at the Industrial Museum that had been arranged at the same time.

Then when commenting on the horrendous £420,000 annual cost of the lease for the City Library it was said that "the officers who made that decision aren't here tonight and I'm not sure they are still at the Council, so I can't speak for them."

This all seems to speak volumes about the quality of management within Bradford Council. Is it not time that Chief Executive Kersten England, supported by Labour leader Susan Hinchcliffe, had a root and branch review to get rid of any incompetents?

Bob Watson, Springfield Road, Baildon