SIR - Iftikhar Ali had plans approved to build a "modest" single storey house in Allerton, but started to erect a larger property until stopped by the Council (T&A, December 26).

He then applied for planning permission to substantially increase the size of the house, but this was heavily criticised by the Council's heritage officers for various reasons as being totally inappropriate in its setting adjacent to a number of Grade II listed buildings.

It was therefore hugely concerning to read that the plans were then passed on the casting vote of the Bradford Area Planning Panel chairman Shabir Hussain (Labour, Manningham). No wonder that our city is in the mess that it is when councillors make such questionable decisions, essentially ignoring heritage advice.

Whilst this decision was no doubt technically legal, one has to question the competency of certain members of the city's planning panels, in which we continue to despair.

Bob Watson, Springfield Road, Baildon