SIR - Having read John Grogan's article in the T&A, please explain why a second referendum, should include a vote to remain in the EU.

The country voted leave. Parliament voted leave on 1 Feb 2017. Any second referendum should ask the electorate which leave deal they prefer, negotiated settlement or No deal. Remainers would be free to abstain.

Anything else, would betray the 17m who voted in the first, who would be within their rights to demand a third one.

Don't quote the 'lies' of the leave referendum campaign, as remain were as guilty, if not more so: George Osborne claiming leave would result in an emergency budget, more austerity, house prices to fall by 20per cent overnight etc.

Your argument it would enable more young voters a say is farcical. The young didn’t vote in the first, are unlikely to vote in the second and by the same argument, you could presume, a lot of us oldies, would now be dead!

We old leavers are living longer!

Publish a pro Brexit article for a change, ask Nigel Farage to publish his vision in the T&A, to counter Mr Grogan's and your opinion and hopefully recruit even more leave voters!

Steve Troth, Helen Street, Saltaire