SIR - With regards to a letter from D Hodgson (T&A January 22), he mentions his objection to halal. Yet mystifyingly, he supports the stunning of animals prior to slaughter, when they'll still be alive. Would that not result in pain for the animal?

Other than objection of halal due to it being Islamic, Kosher may accept stunning hence the lack of attention towards it, Abrahamic and all, which, given Islam is not a race but religion, would correctly not be racism but xenophobia.

The practice of slaughtering animals through the vein in the neck is practised by many butchers the world over who are not Muslim, as its main reason is to drain the animal of most blood and ideally the toxins contained within.

Perhaps schools should only serve vegetarian. There's less chance of undercooked meat and it cuts cost.

A Yaser, Midland Road, Manningham