HOW do we find a way out of the Brexit mess we find ourselves in? Barely a day goes by without another blow to the Government’s credibility.

Yesterday, the chief executive of the civil service admitted that the Government will never be ‘completely prepared’ for Brexit as he revealed plans to move 5,000 staff into an emergency command and control centre in the event of the UK crashing out.

If that sounds like preparation for a war then you would be right. Just about the only thing our MPs can agree on is that a no-deal Brexit would administer the biggest shock to the UK economy since the Second World War. We need to find a solution – and the clock is ticking.

Yet Parliament still cannot find a way out.

With Remainers and Brexiteers dug in on both sides, the Government is powerless to do anything more than beg our soon-to-be-erstwhile EU partners to help us out – something they are refusing to do.

Keighley and Ilkley’s MP John Grogan is backing a second referendum. You can read why on this very website.

JOHN GROGAN MP: Why I'm now backing a second Brexit referendum

Whether you agree with him or not we applaud Mr Grogan for defining his position. His fellow parliamentarians have not.

Just look at how the Labour leadership are tying themselves in knots to avoid backing a second referendum, something a majority of the party’s grassroots want to see.

The Telegraph & Argus invited all our MPs to tell our readers where they stand on Brexit. All of them, with the honourable exception of Mr Grogan, declined.

No wonder people are confused when the people they voted for to make the big decisions seem so paralysed by indecision.