SIR - Councillor Shabir Pandor's response to a campaign against the selling of non-stunned meat to schools in Kirklees is typical when campaigners highlight the Islamification that is sweeping this country. Straight away throw in the race card.

Where, can I ask, is there any mention of race? The debate is about the selling of non-stunned meat in schools. The method of slaughter by the slitting of animals throats without stunning is illegal in this country. There are exemptions for religious reasons but that is a directive by the EU. Another good reason to leave.

There is no reference in the Koran that the animal cannot be pre-stunned before this method is used, only that the animal be alive. Stunning does not kill the animal. Certain countries ban halal, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland and New Zealand to name but a few. It’s high time we followed suit.

D Hodgson, Falcon Road, Bingley