Those rogue elements in the House of Commons who appear to be doing their utmost to prevent Brexit from ever happening will, if successful in their tawdry efforts, be guilty of one of the greatest parliamentary betrayals of all time.

They seem to be oblivious of the fact it was Parliament which ordained the referendum, and it was Parliament which vowed to honour the outcome of that referendum - a significant majority for those who want the UK to leave the EU.

It is to the eternal credit of Theresa May, who supported the Remain campaign and yet has throughout kept the faith of Parliament with the Brexiteers. Even though she has been assailed on all sides by those - including many in her own party - who take a different view, as well as suffering a veritable crop of ministerial resignations, she has stuck steadfastly to Westminster’s solemn undertaking.

It is quite possible that this sorry affair could cost her the Premiership. The front-page splash headline in the Sunday Times said ominously: “May In Meltdown”. If Brexit does force her out, she can leave in the knowledge that she has faithfully kept the promise that Parliament made.

Meanwhile, the huge defeat of the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal last week solved nothing. The future progress of Brexit events looks like becoming even more tortuous.

And why all this should have encouraged Tory Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg to hold a presumably celebratory champagne party simply baffles me.