SIR - Re the report of setbacks to complete refurbishments of both Bradford stations. I have to comment on what I read about the Council having to recruit outsiders, to advise on design and building.

They don't have a clue what they're doing, they need experts to show them, but what of the Interchange design?

The new HS3 train coming into Bradford: where exactly would this new station be? Certainly not the Interchange as a high speed train, in a hurry to get from say Liverpool to Hull isn't going to waste time coming into a dead-end station.

No high speed train is going to come into Interchange, so where exactly will this new station be? Surely not out of city centre such as Mill Lane junction. Who is going to use this train, to board/alight out of the city centre?

What has become of the idea of a viaduct or tunnel under the city centre to link up the two stations?

Turning the Forster Square arches into shops is another non-starter. An area plagued by drug users. Why are they spending all this money when they should be building a link to Shipley from Calderdale/Kirklees and a brand new station?

B Barraclough, New Works Road, Low Moor