SIR - Brexit; what next? Some say a second referendum is needed now. I disagree, as it would aggravate the already bitter divisions in the country. However, there is a need for all sides of the argument to have a final say - but not now. The country needs to chill a while. A general election, at its rightful date in 2021, would be an opportunity for all parties to honestly present to the electorate their visions for Britain's relationship, if any, with Europe.

In the meantime, we should bite the bullet and stick with the EU, giving us a say in its future. If we don't like aspects of the EU, the next two years could give us a chance to change its direction for the better. But if at the end of two years, there is still a majority who want out - and there is a Party with a clearer idea what 'out' should look like - the 2021 general election would be the opportunity to decide.

Colin Neville, Bradley Drive, Silsden