THE shambolic chaos that’s surrounded Brexit for months has suddenly morphed into something approaching panic or hysteria. People, whether for or against Brexit, have suddenly realised that the critical vote on the Prime Minister’s much-maligned deal is now only hours away.

Theresa May herself has warned of catastrophe if her deal is rejected - which at the time of writing seems likely. And those opposed to it use no less vivid and scary language about the state of the nation if it is passed.

Meanwhile, groups of hostile and conspiratorial MPs are meeting in shadowy corners plotting to do the Government down if they can. And Sir John Major, who is bitterly opposed to Brexit, says there is no happy ending to falling off a cliff.

In short, Parliament is in the grip of turmoil as never before. A motion of no confidence in the Prime Minister is expected if her plan fails. And there is talk that the furniture removers could be moving into 10 Downing Street before the end of the week.

A momentous evening lies ahead for Westminster. And a nerve-wracking one for the Prime Minister personally. I trust Mr May will have a large Scotch at the ready for her in case of emergencies.