SIR - During the Christmas holiday season I read three articles in the T&A dealing with help for the homeless. All were equally heartwarming and brought great credit to the people involved.

However, there are homeless people who cannot access some of the facilities on offer because they are accompanied by pets. Most homeless people with pets are excluded from shelters because there is no provision for animals. As the human companion of many animals over the years, I understand the importance of animal companionship.

I also understand that in most cases a homeless person would rather freeze to death than take shelter after abandoning the animal.

At a time when the numbers of people dying on the streets is rising, could a few of those people be saved if they did not need to make this terrible choice?

St Mungos is a charity helping homeless people with dogs ( If this charity can help, surely others can find a way. There should be no barriers to people who are suffering and need help.

Ann Perkins, Knowle Lane, Wyke