SIR - Since our founding by novelist HG Wells and Dr RD Lawrence in 1934, we have been at the forefront of diabetes breakthroughs. We have campaigned for change in diabetes care, supported people across the UK through our helpline and local support groups, championed the work of healthcare professionals, and funded life-changing research.

From the development of the first insulin pen in the 1970s to being closer than ever to making the artificial pancreas a reality, research funded by Diabetes UK continues to change the lives of people with diabetes for the better.

Now, as we learn more about Type 2 diabetes, we want to make remission from the condition a reality for as many people as possible. The Diabetes UK-funded DiRECT study, our largest ever research award, has added to the evidence that remission can be achieved, potentially through routine NHS care.

Diabetes remains one of the biggest health crises facing us today, with 12.3 million people being at high risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Together, we can create a world where diabetes can do no harm. Visit

Clare Howarth, Head of the North of England at Diabetes UK