SIR - I am 90 and on January 3 I was waiting in the Interchange to catch the 9.30am X6 Leeds Express.

The bus pulled onto the stand at 9.20am but we couldn't get on as we had concession cards.

At 9.28am we formed a small queue to board, but the driver had other ideas. At 9.29am he slammed the doors shut and drove off!

One gentleman complained to office staff who gave us a number to call to make a complaint. If you do this the management ignore it and they don't even acknowledge it.

The driver was quite blatant with his actions which were uncalled for. They are there to serve the public.

I was a clipper as a young girl. Had I done anything to upset a passenger, I would have faced disciplinary action should I have been reported.

I wonder if any other passengers have complained and nothing has been done?

D Wellens, Bolingbroke Street, Bradford