SIR - While travelling to a family member's funeral in November, which started at 9.30am, my husband and I were travelling along the A650 Bingley Road, from Bingley, when we saw the sign for Nab Wood Cemetery. We entered the bus lane which, according to Bradford Council, is 115 metres away from the entrance. They then went on to tell us that legally you can only be 20 metres away from an entrance before you can enter the bus lane when it is in operation.

I wonder how many of your readers are aware of this? And how much money Bradford Council has made from grieving people who have entered the lane rather early?

I say shame on you, Bradford Council, firstly for your insensitivity and secondly for not having any notice making drivers aware of this.

Readers, take up this information, to save a fine on top of your troubles.

P White, Royal Oak Crossing, Filey