SIR - What is often advanced as a strong reason for proceeding with Brexit is the fact that 52per cent of those who voted in the June 2016 referendum voted “Leave”. If we were not to leave the EU we would be breaking faith with that 52per cent - and it would bring our already discredited political system into further disrepute.

Whilst I can follow this argument I do not accept it. Many of those who voted Leave can be characterised as “the left behind”. They are the less affluent in precarious jobs who might have left school at 15 or 16. The future for them did not look particularly bright and they were invited by right wing tabloids to lash out at Europe.

Their dim prospects were not the fault of Europe but of policies pursued in London. The “left behind” are lashing out at the wrong target.

Brexit is proving a terrible mess. If it is proceeded with all the best estimates are that it will make the UK less well-off than we otherwise would be.

Better then to remain in the EU but devote ferocious energy to dealing with inequality and the lack of opportunity in this country.

John Cole, Oakroyd Terrace, Baildon