SIR - The excellent letter from Conservative councillor Debbie Davies raised a hugely important question about Bradford Council and the provision of halal meat (T&A, December 8).

It seems that ALL the halal meat served in Bradford's maintained schools is from non-stunned animals.

If this is the case then this totally unacceptable third world practice should cease forthwith. It is something that should have no place in 21st Century society.

Further, one has to ask whether halal meat is being served unasked to non-Muslims in our schools in the city? Non-halal meat should be available at all schools, and this should be made clear in all establishments.

Perhaps our Labour Council leader Susan Hinchcliffe could please explain the present position to us all, and also outline what she is doing to rectify matters.

I am sure that the majority of Bradfordians would expect animal welfare to be the prime consideration.

Bob Watson, Springfield Road, Baildon